Office better.

St. Cloud's premier coworking space for small to medium sized businesses.

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Free Parking
Less Overhead
Creative Atmosphere
Pro Amenities

Is it hard to run your business with all the distractions of home?

So many people struggle working from home, which is why we've carefully designed this space to feel comfortable and accommodating—like home—but with the professional amenities we expect at work.

No unexpected distractions. No extra pressures. Just wonderful work.

Cooper Collective is a flexible, affordable space that provides everything you need to focus on growing your business.

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Professional space, casual vibe

Work with greater focus, impress your clients, and have fun doing it. Scale your office as you grow—we offer float spaces, permanent workstations, and private offices. Everything to accommodate you and your team.

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Enjoy all the amenities

Some places nickel-and-dime everything from internet tiers to parking spots. We want you to enjoy all the benefits of a coworking space at no extra cost.

  • Free Parking
  • Enterprise-grade Internet
  • Conference Room
  • Photo/Video Cyc Wall
  • Meeting Spaces
  • Kitchen & Appliances
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Network and collaborate

You'll join a community of talented folks who look out for each other. From marketing strategists to photographers to coffee roasters to carpenters, you'll have a network of friendly businesses in your corner.

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Here's how to join.


Schedule a tour

Click the button to fill out a simple form.


Meet the community

Visit the space and get a taste of what it's like being here.


Choose your space

Need a float space, a dedicated desk, or a private office? We'll get you the perfect option.


Focus on your business

Don't worry about being a landlord, paying large overhead, or doing laundry. Enjoy work!

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"We have loved being members at Cooper Collective. The collaboration and teamwork between the other business owners and creatives is a huge bonus for our business."

— Rick Anderson

Pick your space.

  • Float Space


    Ideal for those who need flexible access to a coworking space and all its benefits but not necessarily a dedicated space or private office. Typical users are people who office out of coffee shops but are tired of the noise.

  • Dedicated Desk


    Ideal for freelancers, small-business owners, and remote workers—anyone in need of a permanent space where they can keep their belongings.

  • Private Office


    Lockable office spaces for freelancers, business owners, and small-to-medium sized companies. Enjoy all the modern perks of a coworking space with the privacy of a classic office setting.