Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my clients visit me at Cooper Collective?

    Of course! This is your space and you should feel free to conduct your business here. Just remember to reserve the conference room if you know in advance that you’ll need it.

  • What if I need to have a private meeting and I’m on a Float Space membership?

    Our Float membership also includes access to the conference room!

  • Do you rent out the conference room for people who are not members at Cooper?

    We do not rent out our conference room to nonmembers, since we want to make sure that it stays available and open for our members.

  • How many people can your conference room hold? Do you have AV equipment?

    Our conference room can comfortably seat 12 people around the table, and there is room for another 4-6 if necessary in the periphery. The room is equipped with a large TV with Apple TV and a whiteboard.

  • Do I have access to a printer/copier/scanner?

    No, each member is responsible for providing their own printer, etc.

  • Where do I park?

    We have lots of on-site parking in the lot next to the building and along the front and the backside of the building.

  • Can I be on the phone at Cooper Collective?

    Yes, you can be on the phone at Cooper. Please just be conscientious of the people around you.

  • Can I rent your space for photo or video shoots?

    Yes, our cyc wall is one of the largest in Central MN and is perfect for small to medium sized photo shoots. Between the floor to ceiling windows and the ample space for lights, you’ll have no problem capturing something really beautiful in our space. Please reach out to schedule your shoot.

  • What types of members or companies are currently in your space?

    We have members from many different backgrounds and industries. The common thread between all of our members is that they all think creatively about their businesses.

  • Do you offer month-to-month memberships?

    Each membership starts as a yearlong contract. After the completion of the first year you are able to stay on month-to-month.